About The Chi Chi Boutique

The Chi Chi Boutique is a carefully curated collection of women's clothing and accessories for the fun and fearless trendsetter. Our style is a little bougie and a little boho with the busy mom, fashionista, and boss babe in mind. We offer looks and fashion that will be loved and worn year round with versatility as key- specializing in high quality elevated staples and statement pieces. 

The Chi Chi Boutique makes the shopping experience an exciting and simpler process for the fashion forward beauty by bringing the curated shop to you: whether it be here on our website or through Facebook Live Sales, In-Store at our location at Painted Tree Marketplace in Frisco, at one of the many Pop Ups, Markets, or Events we partner with through out the year or literally in your living room by booking the boutique for a private shopping experience.

A little about me... I am a native Texan, born and raised on Galveston Island. Growing up I always had an undeniable desire for fashion, style, and creating. I wanted so badly to experience what was outside of my tiny island, so following high school, I moved to Dallas, Texas to fulfill my goals and big dreams in the fashion world. In August 2009 I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas, gaining a degree in Fashion Design and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. After obtaining a job working for a merchandising company, I became sucked into a miserable cycle of late nights and early mornings with no overtime pay in a dead end job. With every passing day I felt a little bit of my soul being blasted away, not to mention how much of a sellout I felt like, busting my butt everyday for someone else’s dream. What was I doing there?! I knew I had way more to offer myself than sitting at a desk with nothing to look forward to in the day aside from my lunch break and going home. There wasn’t a single day that went by when I didn’t make up an excuse in my mind to just not come back (insert I.Just.Can’t). I even started giving myself creativity points- the crazier the better. And thus, the dream of having my own shop and being my own boss was born.

  This little dream of mine has come quite a way from where it began. To think the boutique was started one year before I got pregnant and is still a thing is absolutely insane. "Two under two" is what I like to refer that time as....  but what started as a small side hustle aka a means to keep myself busy during the week and connected to other women (as many law enforcement officer's wives and stay at home moms do) to a full on operation as a means of total financial security (divorce sucks)- I mean, if I can do it then, GIRL YOU CAN TOO, BOO! Maybe it's the inner Girl Scout in me or just the total belief in Girl Power, Women Supporting Women, Women Empowerment, whatever you want to call it but WE CAN DO ANYTHING with the right support system and little bit of "b*tch, I got this", even when you feel like you don't.

    These days the boutique and I can be found all over the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex. And if I’m not working, you will find me somewhere with some sort of messy bun, fueled by coffee, chasing my sweet wild boy around some random fun excursion while also trying to stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and text everyone back! I know you get it..... Sending Hugs. Talk soon! -XO Morgan